‘Bones’ spoilers: What’s coming up in the New Year for Brennan and Booth?

BonesAfter last night’s gimmicky episode of “Bones” season 8, we are happy that things will be going back to normal – well at least as normal as things can be for Brennan and Booth.

So what can fans expect to see coming up in the New Year with their favorite couple?  In a new interview with TV Guide, executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan talked about what’s in store for Brennan and Booth, saying that after they discover two bodies in a single grave together our odd couple will find themselves discussing eternity together – not necessarily as a married couple, but after they die.  In an episode in January, Brennan and Booth will discuss their funeral plans and will have a conflict over what each of them want when they pass on. Hanson said:  “Their relationship makes them rethink how they would deal with their deaths.”  Nathan adds: “The episode ends with an extremely moving scene involving Booth.”

There will be a lot of death revolving around Brennan in the New Year. Not only will she be discussing her funeral arrangements with Booth, but in a later episode (set to air in February) Brennan will be facing death herself when she is shot in the lab one night. Hanson said: “It’s very fortunate that Booth finds her She’s very strong-willed.  A lot of Booth’s qualities, not all good ones, came from her.”

What’s in store for the rest of the team? Well Camille and Arastoo’s secret romance will be exposed in a pretty interesting way and we will see Angela debating a career change. There will also be a new intern added to the group and serial killer Pelant’s latest “stunt” will change Jack and Angela’s life in a big way.

If you missed last night’s episode and want to catch up on what you missed, be sure to check out our review of their 150th episode.

Photo: Fox

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