‘Bones’ season 8, episode 9 review: Cyndi Lauper helps Brennan and Booth free a soul


On tonight’s episode of ‘Bones’ season 8, Brennan and Booth find human remains of a teenage boy in a greenhouse. When they bring the remains back to the lab Avalon, a psychic, comes in with Angela and asks for 5 minutes to talk to the victim because she says that he is still there with them, but besides Angela, no one is interested in  amusing the psychic.

Angela is having a hard time dealing with the fact that the victim is a kid and tries talking to the skull as if he is still there with them. She eventually figures out that the kid was Colin Gibson and once everyone can put a face to the name it leaves the lab feeling shaken and upset.

When Colin’s parents come to see the remains of their son and can’t say enough about what a great kid he was and how much everyone liked him. Miranda and Shawn, two friends of Colin’s, stop by the lab a little later on to drop off a skate board and some music that he really loved.

Later Avalon comes back to the lab asking if she can talk to Colin, and Jack gives her two minutes, but tells her not to touch anything.  She tells Colin that his death was a tragedy, because he was going to make the world a better place, but he still can’t seem to move on from this world.  What’s holding him back?  Avalon promises that she will help make the journey out of this world and into the next realm.

After this point in the episode everything starts to get a little strange and unbelievable – like why is Brennan allowed to bring home Colin’s skull, especially since it is marked as evidence?  They later bring the skull to a location that they think his body was dumped at and actually take his skull out of the evidence box it was cataloged in.

They eventually figure out that Colin actually killed himself by accident while surfing on the hood on his father’s car to impress his friend Miranda that he was in love with.  His friends, who were driving the car, tried to hide the body and cover up the accident, but one of them says that Colin came to him in the night and told him he was “cold, so they moved him to a green house where he’d be warm. What was weird about the whole exchange between Brennan and the teenagers was that they brought Colin’s skull into the questioning room.  Colin is finally able to move on from this realm after his feelings for Miranda are revealed through a video he made for her before he died.

While the idea of the whole episode being from the point of view of the victim at first seemed like it could be a good idea as the episode went on it felt very gimmicky and  quickly lost it’s edge. What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones”? Did you like the episode being from the point of view of the victim?  Were you excited to see Cyndi Lauper return as Avalon?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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