‘The X Factor’ USA notes: CeCe Frey, Emblem3, and Lyric 145

CeCe FreyWhile we wait for the live performances show Wednesday for “The X Factor” USA, we have a little bit more news to share when it comes to just what some of the stars past and present have been up to the first few days … beginning with some proof that Demi Lovato may very well be the coolest mentor of all.

Demi and CeCe – As the post to the left clearly shows, Demi actually took a little bit of time out of her busy schedule (and on her day off, no less) to actually get to know her only remaining contestant in CeCe Frey a little while longer. The two seem to really get along on a level beyond just mentor and contestant, and this really could go a long way when it comes to them picking the right performance to rock alongside the Pepsi Challenge. We all know that CeCe needs a stellar outing this week, especially considering her multiple appearances in the bottom two and becoming the frequent target of criticism by the judges.

The one thing we do give CeCe a ton of credit for? She’s not letting any of the negativity or the criticism get to her, and she is striving to get better every day. Let’s just hope she finds a way to make “Part of Me” rock during the Pepsi Challenge, mostly so we can justify calling her a contender during the start of the live rounds.

Emblem3 meets … The Jonas Brothers! The band confirmed the news over the weekend on Twitter, and this meeting really makes a ton of sense no matter how you think about it. Both groups are popular with the ladies, they each play instruments, and they have a tendency to give their own spin to popular songs.

A new Lyric 145 performance – Finally, we’ll close things off with a new performance online from Lyric 145 … and it’s awesome. As a matter of fact, it’s yet another example of what this group could have done had they stuck around. It is a “cover” in some senses of One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young,” but with original vocals and wraps from Lyric Da Queen and company.

If you want to see where CeCe and Emblem3 stand in the latest edition of “The X Factor” USA rankings, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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