Big Sky episode 3 video: Can an escape happen in the end?

As we prepare ourselves for Big Sky episode 3 arriving on ABC this week, there are a number of things worth noting. Take, for example, the intensity that is already amidst the search for the missing girls.

What do we know about them? They’re still alive, for starters, and there could be an escape plan that is hatched within this episode. One of the best things about this show right now is its presentation of the whole world — it’s not as though Cassie and Jenny are the only two people doing anything here! There are also attempts by those captured to free themselves, though it remains to be seen if there is anything that can actually be done when the dust settles.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Jenny’s search on the outside is going to cause more collisions with Rick Legarski, a man who has shown already that he has zero interest in helping. He’s involved in the whole operation, and the producers are showing already the value of getting someone like John Carroll Lynch on board for the role. A little bit of someone of his gravitas goes a long way, and we’re excited to see where the story goes from here.

In general, Big Sky needs to find a way still to give us more backstory on Cassie and Jenny and have us caring more about them as individuals beyond just the case. We have a good sense of the world and some of the people in it; we just need to have an overall larger picture of some of its heroes, as well. If we can get all of that figured out, then we’re in a position to be set up so much better for the long-term future. Through two weeks, we’ve already seen that this is a series with hit potential written all over it.

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