‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Sara Ramirez on long-term future of show

Sara RamirezHow long can “Grey’s Anatomy” as a series really last? This is a question that is on the lips of many fans, especially as we near a point that feels truly like the end is at least somewhat on the horizon. New couples are being formed, people are thinking about children, and it is becoming very clear that all of the characters are progressing deep into adulthood. Heck, even Meredith is now even thinking about Derek over Cristina! (See how far they’ve come?)

So what does Sara Ramirez have to say about when the show could end? We know that many actors are under contract until the end of season 10, but the actress revealed in an interview with Latinas Post that despite the end of Callie’s story being in her mind, she tries her best to tune it out in favor of focusing more on the present:

“I think about it all of the time … Security and stability is very rare for an artist … So I’m just focusing on being grateful and taking it in right now, you know, because it could end … any minute.

“So, if it goes years, it’ll be years. If it goes a year it’ll be a year. [Laughs] I’m not saying it’s easy, but you kind of, you have to let go of the outcome.”

With Ramirez’s quote, we do not think she is necessarily alluding to Callie having any sort of dark storyline coming up; rather, she seems to just be showing off some honesty in that Shonda Rhimes has a tendency to get rid of characters whenever she sees fit, so you just have to be prepared for it. Personally, though, we are hoping that the death toll will decrease moving forward given everything that we have already been through when it comes to Mark and Lexie.

When do you think that “Grey’s Anatomy” should end? If you want to check out some more “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 scoop courtesy of Jesse Williams, you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC

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