The Spanish Princess series finale: How did Catherine’s story end?

The Spanish PrincessWithin this article about The Spanish Princesswe should note that there are spoilers from the series finale. Granted, most of them are spoilers from history.

Going into the finale, we weren’t altogether sure just how far into Catherine’s later years we were going to see the story go. Take, for example, her death — would that be a focus at all? Yet, through “Peace” the story concluded with Catherine and her daughter Mary leaving the castle, making it clear that Henry would not get everything he wanted out of her. He refuted any idea that she was no longer the Queen, even if we know that Henry would go on to marry Anne Boleyn and many others over the rest of his reign. She also claimed she had no regrets over anything — there were moments of joy throughout her time with Henry, as well as struggle and great triumph. This dark place is just where the series ended up.

We know that ambition was one of Catherine’s most ambitious traits on the series — she wanted a way to have influence and cement the legacy of both her and her family. At the end of the day, that is what she looked for with Mary. She recognized that her daughter was the future of the Monarchy, and it was her being sent away that she was saddened by as much as losing herself. We have the foresight of knowing Mary’s future in history, and that made the exit of she and Catherine at the end of the series all the more powerful.

The Spanish Princess was both a familiar tale and something new. It added so much depth to who Catherine of Aragon was and what she did — while there are fictional elements to the series, there was also some truth and an emotional understanding. We got the essence of her world, from her rise to the throne to the eventual decline. We also got a sense of many events that would play out in England for decades.

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