ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 9 review: The work of Daniel Grayson

RevengeSunday night’s “Revenge” season 2 episode was the last of 2012, and it was one that certainly contained plenty of interesting developments. Not only did we see Daniel Grayson land himself in a huge position of power this week, he did so while ignoring the warnings of his mother, and dispatching of the woman who he had called his girlfriend for the past several episodes. It was a great episode for the character, even if he does not have the level of control that he thinks he does.

So what went south between him and Ashley? Basically, let’s just say that all of the leverage in the world was placed against her after she got a little too close with Conrad. She was placed into a position where there was nowhere else for her relationship to go but to Splitsville.

Ashley was far from the only person this week feeling threatened, either, as we also saw Nolan being forced into finding Marco a position in his company, and him also cultivating a plan to attack Daniel from within over the control he believed he had gained in the company. Who else is loving this dark side to Nolan this year? Jack was also on a journey of self-discovery this week, though what he discovered about his father was not something he particularly wanted to see. (Let’s just say that it involved a gun that was hidden in his boat.)

As interesting as all of this was, the most-ominous moments came at the end of the episode. Victoria, desperate to try and grab control over Daniel yet again, called Emily with a favor. Meanwhile, we also found out that Daniel is not alone … not even within the comfort of his own home. We were almost expecting a little bit more to happen here in the finale to make our jaws hit the floor, especially after it came after a pretty game-changing episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

What did you think about this episode as a whole? If you want to check out some more “Revenge” season 2 highlights, you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC

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