Fear the Walking Dead season 6: Is John Dorie leaving for good?

John DorieAs we move forward now on Fear the Walking Dead season 6, is there a future for John Dorie among the other survivors? There are some reasons to wonder about it at the moment.

Take, for starters, what happened near the end of the episode when he opted to drive away rather than follow June — which he claimed he was going to do. He’s not as on-board with anything that Virginia is doing and, clearly, he’s not altogether willing to compromise.

So where is John heading at the moment? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, here is some of what executive producer Andrew Chambliss had to say on the subject:

I think we have a pretty good idea of where he’s going. He brought it up earlier to June. He mentioned that cabin that June and Dorie actually met at, and it’s the place that we know from his history that he retreated to the last time he felt like the world was making him into someone he didn’t want to be. So that, in fact, is where he’s headed when he leaves. And it’s Dorie kind of falling back into his old patterns when the world kind of throws up challenges that force him to act in a way that makes him uncomfortable, that makes him choose to see the world in a way that isn’t the way he wants to see it. He’d rather run away.

So will he be gone for long? We’re not sure that we will see him in next weekend’s midseason finale, though to be fair, we’re not sure that we are going to see any of the characters from tonight in that. We’re gearing up for an episode more about Alicia and Strand (read more here), so this could be a mystery down the road.

Ultimately, though, there are things about John that he will need to change for himself. No one should have to go to him and beg for him to come back if this is a pattern — he has to want to break it, or at least find a way to compromise. That’s not something we saw from him and June in this episode.

Do you think John Dorie will return to Fear the Walking Dead in season 6?

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