‘Downton Abbey’ season 3: Ready for a Hugh Bonneville surprise?

Hugh BonnevilleWhen you hear the words “Hugh Bonneville,” it is likely and really inevitable in many ways that you are automatically going to assume him to be somewhat similar to the character that he plays on “Downton Abbey,” even if that is rarely the case with any actor on TV and the role that they play.

As a matter of fact, Bonneville in particular has an interesting hobby that you would never imagine the man overseeing the famous residence (now with the help of Matthew) doing on any sort of regular basis. While at the Fine Cell Work reception recently at Spencer House in London, the actor told Mandrake that he may be even to rival some of Downton’s own servants when it comes to the world of clothing repair:

“I took up stitching and found myself doing it all the time – even on set and in between takes … In fact, I tried doing it to stop me from smoking, but pretty soon I learned how to do both at the same time.”

So what will we be seeing Robert up to during the upcoming Christmas special? It certainly will not be stitching; rather, we assume he will be doing everything in his power to get accustomed to the fact that his ways are not exactly the way of the future at all. This is why Matthew and Tom Branson have been brought on board, and why there are so many investigations into how to ensure that the Abbey stays viable financially for several years to come.

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Photo: ITV

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