‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 10 preview: What’s Schmidt ready for?

New Girl Season 2If you saw last week’s episode of “New Girl,” you could probably smell this coming from a mile away: Schmidt making a grand declaration that he is ready to have children with Cece; of course, if “that is what she wants.”

When our resident model learned on Tuesday that the only way she would be able to have a family of her own is if she started to have children right away, it placed her into a rather unusual situation. Could she turn her life around so quickly from the party-goer to a new mommy, or would she be better off waiting until some point down the road to adopt?

No matter what Cece apparently decides, it is somehow going to get back to Schmidt during the new episode entitled “Bathtub,” as he offers to be the shoulder for her to cry on and the seed that she can use at any given moment. A pregnant Cece would be an extremely bold move for the show to make if they do decide to go in that direction, especially since “New Girl” is still only in season 2. Typically, these are the sorts of storylines (along with main characters getting together) that are reserved for near the end of the show, mostly because writers often struggle with what to do once a pair of characters get together. Luckily, the beauty with this story here is that there are all sorts of comedic possibilities with Schmidt as a dad, mostly thanks to how much he likes to control everything as it is.

As for why the title is “Bathtub,” let’s just say that a certain porcelain piece of bathroom equivalent is going to be on the roof of the gang’s loft. We also figure that CeCe will come to a decision on her future with Robbie this week, as he does not want children until a little bit down the road.

What do you want to see unfold during this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also view some more “New Girl” season 2 scoop over here.

Photo: Fox

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