‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: Aaron Paul teases Jesse Pinkman dialogue

Aaron PaulIt’s still over 7 months away before “Breaking Bad’ season 5 returns to AMC, but the cast has already started to receive their scripts for the final season of the series leaving fans thoroughly excited.  Although the cast has been fairly quiet about where the story is going to take Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the last part of their journey together (or apart if Jesse has his way), Aaron Paul (Jesse) has brought Christmas a little early this year when he teased fans with a few tidbits from the show.

Paul first posted a message on his Twitter account last week, telling his followers that he received the first episode script of the final season and that after reading it his mind was “completely” blown by how amazing it was. Now Paul posted another message that read: “Breaking Bad Fans: Get excited. #BreakingBad #JessePinkman” with a photo of a portion of the “Breaking Bad” script that had a piece of Jesse Pinkman’s dialogue.  Although he had blacked out the first part of Jesse’s sentence (whatta tease)  he did leave the word that his character is most famous for saying – “b*tch”.

With only 8 episodes left in the series, and Walter and Jesse’s relationship on the outs, what will happen to these two now that they are trying to turn things around? Is it possible that Walter will be able to get some sort of redemption or is it just too late for him? And what about Jesse – can he really get away from everything that he and Walter have done in the past 5 seasons and have a normal life or is that option gone forever? The answer to these questions and the million others we have won’t be coming anytime soon, but as we get closer to the series premiere date of “Breaking Bad” season 5 next July we will have more information to give you, so be sure to check back regularly.

Photo: AMC

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