‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 finale spoilers: All about the impact

Sons of AnarchyIf you thought it was difficult to get scoop about “Sons of Anarchy” throughout season 5, just wait until you see how hard it is to get scoop about Tuesday night’s finale. This episode is one that is deeply shrouded in mystery, largely since the lives and futures of so many characters are at stake.

Out of everyone, it is also quite possible that the one who is going to be facing some of the largest stakes is none other than Jimmy Smits’ character of Nero. Why? Let’s just say that he is in the always-dangerous position of the “special guest star” who shows up at the start of a season, and then finds a way to either die or be written off by the finale. It’s not altogether likely that his story will continue for too much longer, but we hope to be proven wrong considering that is always more exciting.

So does Smits have a few secrets to share about his fate in a new interview? Not exactly, though he does do his best to explain in general terms that there could still be something coming up that shocks and appalls even fans of this oft-intense show:

“There’s has been stuff this season that has turned the whole series on its head – and often it’s not the brutality of the deaths, it’s the after effects … We have just shot something for the final episodes which was … just intense. I can’t talk about now. I couldn’t even if I was allowed to. That’s how Kurt writes.”

Let’s hope that somehow, Nero finds a way to crawl out of anything that happens to him; we were honestly surprised to see him in this role, but he has since become not only the best guest star of the season, but a possible Emmy contender for a show that is perennially snubbed.

What do you think is going to happen to Nero in the finale? If you want to see some more “Sons of Anarchy” finale scoop pertaining to Big Otto, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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