‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Lucy Hale on new drama for Aria

Considering that this is “Pretty Little Liars” that we are talking about here, you could not have possibly expected that Aria was not going to be dealing with quite a bit when season 3 returns to the air on January 8. After all, the 17-year old not only now has to deal with the fact that the “A Team” is still hunting her and her friends down (and one of them, unbeknownst to her, is Spencer’s boyfriend Toby), but she also has to tackle the daunting fact that her own boyfriend in her ex-teacher Ezra has a love child from a past relationship that he did not know about previously.

So how will this story pan out? Not only does Lucy Hale tell HollywoodLife in a new interview that Ezra’s new addition is going to pose quite a major conflict for her, but that she is actually going to be drawn closer together to Gregg Sulkin’s character of Wesley (who just so happens to be Ezra’s own brother):

“He and I have a few episodes together. Love me some Gregg Sulkin; he’s great. And he’s there for Aria in a way that Ezra definitely can’t be there for her … Ezra’s past is coming back to haunt him. He seemingly has a kid, so for the remainder of the season, Aria and Ezra will be dealing with that. Aria’s only 17, and to have to deal with that is a lot. They’re once again on a roller coaster ride, and I think the ‘Ezria’ fans are going to be in for it this season — whether that’s positive or negative, I can’t say.”

Ever since the beginning of the show, it has almost been a general assumption that Aria and Ezra would get through just about any problem in the world together. But now? Our confidence is waning a little bit.

Do you think Aria and Ezra will be together by the end of the season?

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