Saturday Night Live: Dave Chappelle monologue focuses on virus, Trump

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle was the host of Saturday Night Live following the last Presidential Election, so of course it made some sense to bring him back again.

With that said, the results tonight were far and away different from what we had four years ago. Chappelle’s monologue back then was about, in part, his feelings towards Donald Trump being elected President. He had an almost-insurmountable challenge in trying to find comedy in what was a hard position for many viewers, but by and large he did a good job.

Chappelle admitted at the start of the show that he was nervous, and he spent a good bit of the day thinking of his great-grandfather, who was a slave for ten years of his life before being freed. It sounded like he was leading into an emotional revelation, but it all was a setup for a joke about how he’s not getting paid for a lot of his work. Let’s just say that he was operating on the edge for a lot of this. Chappelle does understand that comedy can at times operate on the edge, and we know already that there are people who aren’t going to like his jokes about the virus or certain white people.

After going through a series of jokes about the virus, Chappelle then went into one of his next big targets — Trump. In particular, some of his comments about the virus and also him floating the idea of people drinking bleach as a possible cure. Then, he went into Trump contracted the virus.

Ultimately, we know that this will be a polarizing monologue — after all, most things featuring Chappelle are. If you love him, you probably loved this. If you weren’t familiar with Dave’s comedy, let’s just say that you would be surprised by most of this. The end of it was surprisingly poignant, though, and that remains one of his greatest gifts as a comedian — he can turn a subject and make you think of things you never have before.

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