‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Regina’s magic debate

David AndersThe winter finale for “Once Upon a Time” season 2 is now literally right around the corner, and with that you have a major question that rises almost clean out of it: are we finally going to see Mary Margaret and Emma back in Storybrooke? It’s been a long time since the pair was in the Maine town, and since that time they have literally had to fight their way to survival against everything from ogres to someone who is even worse than Regina: her mother Cora.

So to what lengths is Regina going to go to bring them back to the world? For the character, the debate is simple: as much as she wants to probably see these two characters gone from her world forever, she also wants her relationship with Henry to improve; and ultimately, she knows that this is next to impossible unless she seemingly does everything that she can in order to bring them back.

Of course, Lana Parrilla tells TV Guide that the issue here for Regina is simple in that in order to get Mary Margaret and Emma back, she will have to use something likely in magic that she has sworn herself away from:

“You will see she desperately doesn’t want to use magic because she knows Henry doesn’t want her to. But right, it is a Catch-22. She’s stuck in the middle. What does she do? She needs to find a way to bring Emma and Mary Margaret back. The only way to do so is through magic. But does she have to do it or could she get someone else to do it? I think that that’s something we’ll see. We’ll explore that maybe it doesn’t necessarily have to be her.”

What do you think about Parrilla’s comments, and do you think that Regina will be able to find someone else to use magic despite it being relatively at the last minute? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can catch a sneak peek from the episode featuring her over at the link here.

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