The Blacklist season 8: Does Reddington’s identity have to be endgame?

The BlacklistWe are now just over a week away from the launch of The Blacklist season 8, and one of the constant themes out there is that this is a season of answers. Some of the biggest secrets that are buried within the show’s lore could finally come to light, and it seems as though the story is going to hit the ground running.

With all of this spelled out, there is one thing that should be made clear: No one has promised that we’ll learn the truth about Raymond Reddington this season. Think about who he is, and also what he’s been trying to do with Liz Keen all of this time. There’s long been an assumption that once this information is out there, the series has to end — hence, why they are stretching it out for so long.

Yet, is this so essential? We’re not altogether sure that it is…

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The truth here is that a lot of people do watch The Blacklist for the mystery. Yet, they also watch for Reddington, his team, the show’s offbeat sense of humor, and the fantastic characters. Some of the stronger episodes of the show don’t necessarily revolve around the mythology. If there are some interesting cases for Liz and Reddington to take on together, even after some big reveals, why not consider that?

One great parallel here is The Mentalist, as some were afraid that the show would lose all steam once the Red John mystery was revolved. There were some good episodes still after the fact, and there could be here — but it’s all dependent on the story. No one wants to see The Blacklist go out with a whimper, but an important message to send to the writers here is this: The show isn’t so much about who Reddington is as what he’s done. His impact is the work he’s done with the Blacklist and the relationship he’s had with Liz all of these years. That’s why those famous words of his are so important — “I am who I am.” His actions right now speak the loudest.

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Do you think that The Blacklist could have story worth telling after the big questions are answered?

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