Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 & beyond: What’s happening to Saxe?

Cooper SaxeWhile it’s hard to identify just one person as the Big Bad on Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 (or the rest of the season), you have to put Cooper Saxe pretty far up on the list. The guy is smarmy, relentless, and also desperate to ensure that he climbs up the ladder while save his own hide.

At the moment, he’s also the one person most likely to wreck Tariq St. Patrick’s life in a wide array of different ways. He seemed to strike an agreement with David MacLean at the end of the midseason finale to work together for the sake of ensuring Tasha is freed and Tariq goes behind bars. There’s always a chance at duplicity or some other big twist there, but that’s where we are now. Saxe wants to ensure that the Democratic Party is not breathing down his neck, and with that, he needs to find a way to bury Ghost’s criminal misdeeds while also ensuring that there is justice for his murder. That’s a difficult balancing act.

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The one other question we’re left to wonder is this: Does Saxe make it through the rest of this season? It feels clear that so long as he is a part of this show, we’re going to be seeing him do battle with the St. Patrick family in some form. We’re thoroughly entertained by it, mostly because Saxe is the sort of villain we love to hate. Yet, it’s also possible that he could have an expiration date.

Ideally, we continue to see Saxe on the show for a good while still just so that we have the Power equivalent of the bad-guy wrestler who you boo at the start of the match. With that being said, we also understand the need for change. For now, we would predict that Saxe could be taken down this year by Davis, who is setting him up for his own gain, or even the Democrats, who are upset in the event that they can’t brandish Tasha a queenpin and pin Ghost’s various misdeeds on her.

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