Big Brother 22 All-Stars finale: Farewell to the live feeds

Big BrotherWe’ve now made it to a point in every Big Brother season where we start to wax poetic about the season. It’s true that Big Brother 22 All-Stars was no triumph for the franchise — it was overly predictable, frustrating, and the preexisting relationships took away some of the excitement. Yet, it’s also Big Brother. It’s a show we’re always grateful for.

With that in mind, can we give a little applause to the crew for the show? Remember that some of them spent lengthy stretches of time away from their friends and family to make this season, and they had to adapt to difficult protocols that had to be rigorously followed throughout the global health crisis. Not once did we hear about a positive test or any other problems since the start of production; that speaks to their commitment and how seriously they took health and safety.

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At about 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, the feeds were officially shut down for the season. It was only fitting that it came after watching Cody and Enzo do accents, which has to be one of our least-favorite activities on the season. The feeds missed a lot of late-night shenanigans this season, though this may be in part to the absence of Big Brother After Dark, which we really hope comes back in some shape or form for season 23. The feeds were also regrettably down more this season, though that could be tied to a smaller crew or it just being an All-Star season.

Entering the finale, Cody has to be the runaway favorite to win the game. It sounds based on the feeds like he will be in the final two no matter what happens in the final HoH, and he’s been the dominant strategic player for most of the season. Sure he’s won competitions, but the most impressive thing about his game is his ability to constantly navigate different alliances and make several people all think he was their #1 — even if he was loyal to Nicole and Enzo over all of them. He played Memphis and Dani quite brilliantly throughout. (The only way Enzo makes it to final three is if Cody wins the last competition and takes him. There’s no guarantee that happens.)

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What are you going to miss from the Big Brother 22 live feeds, and what should be changed moving forward?

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