‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: Will a near death experience change Brennan?

Emily Deschanel

Things are going to get a little scary for Temperance Brennan in an upcoming episode of “Bones” season 8 when she has a near death experience and has her seeing things that aren’t actually there (or are they?) – like her dead mother. So who will be playing the part of Brennan’s mom?

Reports from TV Guide tell us that former “Melrose Place” star Brooke Langton will be taking on the role of Christine Brennan (who was previously played by Larisa Miller). Brennan’s mother was murdered two years after Christine and her husband Max abandoned Temperance and her brother. Executive producer Stephen Nathan reveals that viewers will learn more about Brennan, like the effect her mother taking off has had on her. He said:

“This near-death experience was a way for us to reintroduce [Brennan’s] mother in a very personal way. We get to see her mom and her relationship with her mother. What happened on the day her mother left? What was that last moment like for her and how has that affected her and made her who she is today?”

Seeing her dead mother will pose a bit of a problem for Brennan as she is a science based character and is skeptical of the supernatural. Nathan said:

“Whether she believes that [this encounter] actually occurred or whether it was a chemical release in the brain that caused her to hallucinate, she has to deal with that.”

A new episode of “Bones” will be airing on Monday December 3 at 8 p.m. on Fox, but the episode where Brennan’s mom will be reappearing has not been revealed at this point.

Photo: Fox

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