This Is Us season 5 premiere: Is Randall’s biological mother alive?

Randall PearsonWe knew that the This Is Us season 5 premiere was going to have its fair share of surprises, but we weren’t prepared for what we saw in the closing minutes.

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So what did we learn here? It’s rather simple: As it turns out, Randall’s biological mother is presumably still out there. What we can say at the moment that she survived when it originally seemed as though she died, though we’re guessing that William did not know. (It’s either that or he never said for whatever reason.) Where has Randall’s mom been all this time? Has she ever tried to seek out her son? He’s spent so many years not being aware that he had another parent out there and this season, there is a chance for all of that to change.

Of course, the most difficult part of this is going to be finding a way for this story to evolve, given that there isn’t a clear path at the moment to Randall learning the truth about his mother. Maybe going through what he is right now will cause him to at least do more research about his mother — maybe that research brings him closer to the truth, or at least a revelation that she may still be out there.

If there is one thing that we know about This Is Us, it’s that the show does like to take its time with some of its reveals and storylines. We imagine that the same will prove to be true here.

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