‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 finale spoilers: Tough times ahead for Otto

Sons of AnarchyWe have already stated a few times that it is going to be beyond difficult for Clay, Juice, and Tig to survive the season 5 finale for “Sons of Anarchy” on Tuesday given everything that is set to happen when it comes to Jax’s plans and his new deal with Damon Pope. As it turns out, it may also be appropriate to add Big Otto to the list of potential targets … though at a completely different hand.

We have already witnessed the arrival of Donal Logue as the character of Lee Toric, a former U.S. Marshal who is out for vengeance over the death of his sister, who just so happens to be the nurse that Kurt Sutter’s character killed with a crucifix earlier this year while Tara was trying to get valuable testimony out of him. We have already seen Toric skulking around Tara and her family; and during the finale, he is going to have plenty of time to spend with Otto, as well.

Will the incarcerated criminal live to see another day? The one thing really going for Otto is that he is locked up, and his death is pretty much inevitable, anyway; all Toric would be doing is speeding up the pace if he killed him, and we are not even sure anyone would stop him. Ultimately, though, the fact that Logue says his character will probably be back next season suggests to us that Otto is going to find a way to weasel his way out of this, and thus this story will continue on for at least a little while longer.

If you were in Toric’s shoes, what would you do to Otto: kill him, or try to find a different way to make him suffer? We want to hear all of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to check out some more “Sons of Anarchy” finale scoop from Ron Perlman, you can do so here.

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