‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 9 preview: Robin the tease

Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie SmuldersNine episodes in to “How I Met Your Mother” season 8, and we may finally be getting closer to answer one of the series’ key questions. No, it is not “who is the mother?”, but it is pretty close when it comes to importance: how in the world Barney and Robin are going to get together.

In this latest move on the road to romance, Robin really has herself to credit (or to blame) for just about everything that happens. As you can see the first promo below for Monday night’s new episode “Lobster Crawl,” she decides for whatever reason that it will be a good idea to have one last fling with Neil Patrick Harris’ longtime womanizer before finally getting her “out of her system” … even though Barney literally just told her that he would stop trying to be with her. This includes showing up at his laser tag, flirting with him at the bar, and even showing up at his apartment in skimpy clothing. (In other words, it’s pretty much every one of Barney’s fantasies come to life.)

Will all of this work for Robin? We don’t know; but if her intentions are to really cleanse herself of all things Stinson, Lily is right: this is totally a bad idea. However, if she is using this as a tool in order to get close to him again, then odds are the chances here at success are somewhat guy given that he clearly wants to be with her. As great as the moment was when they first got together a few years ago, this one will inevitably be even greater when it happens … though we have a feeling the real payoff may not be for another episode or two.

When do you think these two will get together? If you haven’t caught the latest “How I Met Your Mother” season 9 rumors, you can check them out over here.

Photo: CBS, video via SpoilerTV

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