‘Glee’ season 4 review: Kurt and Blaine talk forgivness, Christmas and love


On tonight’s episode of “Glee” season 4 Santana, Puck, Mercedes, Quinn, Finn, and Mike all meet up for the holidays and Finn asks them to come back to Glee club to pair up with some of the new kids to get ready for Sectionals.  Finn says that they need a big song with a big dance number so they decide to do “Gangnam Style”.

Kitty tells Quinn that she is her idol and that she aspires to be just like her. She reveals to Quinn that Jake is pressuring Marley into sex (whether or not that’s true or not is another story). Quinn confronts Jake, telling him that if he doesn’t leave her alone and stop distracting her that she will fail at Sectionals.

Santana is worried about Marley as she is looking kind of ill and finds out that Kitty has somehow been giving Marley laxatives. She confronts Quinn about Kitty and they get into a fight where they end up bringing a lot of old issues between them to the surface. The fight ends in them slapping each other in the face, but Brittany walks in and stops the fight. As it turns out Marley is taking them willingly on her own to fit into her dress.

Jake tells Ryder that he took Marley out on a date and says that he’ll let her go if it really bothers him, but Ryder says it’s fine. Later Jake tells Marley that Ryder is okay with them dating, but that he had to give Ryder the lead in the “Gangnam Style” production to feel better.

Rachel promises Kurt that even though they won’t be going home for the holiday, that they will have a great Thanksgiving together in New York City.  Rachel confronts Brody about sleeping with Cassandra, and he says that it happened because Rachel left him to go see her ex-boyfriend.  He says it won’t happen again and asks to come over and cook Thanksgiving dinner with her and Kurt. It seemed fairly strange that she was so forgiving over Brody sleeping with Cassandra, since normally no one, let alone Rachel Berry would be so quick to forgive.

As Kurt is leaving work he invites Isabelle to join him and Rachel for Thanksgiving dinner and she says she’d be happy to join them. She asks him about the Blaine situation, and Kurt says that he’s not interested in listening to what he has to say, but she says that until he forgives Blaine it’ll be hard for Kurt to move on himself.

Later at the Thanksgiving dinner, Isabelle and about 50 people show up at Kurt and Rachel’s place for dinner turning their small turkey dinner into a giant party turning it into the best Thanksgiving ever. Kurt decides to take Isabelle’s advice and call Blaine and he tells him that that he wants to forgive Blaine for what happened, but hasn’t gotten there yet. He also tells him that he misses Blaine tremendously and can’t stand not talking because he is still his best friend. Kurt asks Blaine to come and see him in New York over Christmas and Blaine accepts through his tears. He tells Kurt that he loves him and Kurt says he loves him too.

Do you think that Rachel forgave Brody too quickly? Are you excited that Kurt and Blaine are finally talking again?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

At Sectionals Marley has a meltdown right before going on stage and Jake tries to comfort her. Ryder tells Jake that he wants him  to take the lead because it’s important to have the best leading the show so they can win. Their performance of “Gangnam Style” is going really well until Marley faints on stage at the end of the performance.

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