‘Two and a Half Men’ review: Can Kandi break up Alan and Lyndsey?

Two and a Half Men

On tonight’s episode of “Two and a Half Men” Alan receives an email from his ex-wife Kandi asking to meet him for a coffee and he accepts. When he gets to the coffee shop Kandi asks him if he’s remarried and he tells her that he’s not, but that he’s in a serious relationship.  She tells him that she’s still single and that he’s the best lover she ever had. The flirtatious conversation makes things awkward, so he heads over to Lyndsey’s house to tell her what happened. At first things get awkward, but she decides to have crazy sex with him,  and Alan realizes that being honest has it’s benefits.

Later Kandi calls Alan in the middle of the night, drunk and threatening to kill herself, so Alan runs over to her house. When he gets to her house he realizes that she’s not drunk and suicidal, but a set up to seduce Alan. Kandi is confused when he refuses to sleep with her, but in the end he leaves her apartment.

The next day Alan gets a phone call from Lyndsey saying that she saw paparazzi photos of him at Kandi’s hotel room and after telling him off she hangs up on him. He goes over to Kandi’s hotel room and gets her to call Lyndsey, but when she gets her voice mail she leaves a message that makes the situation way worse. Kandi goes over to Lyndsey’s house to tell her the truth about what happened and Lyndsey accepts what she’s said as truth.  Unfortunately she ends up in bed with Kandi herself, cheating on Alan.

Walden finds out it’s Berta’s birthday and offers her the day off, but she doesn’t want to celebrate it. He shows up at her house with a “special” cupcake to try to help celebrate. After consuming the special cupcake, Walden opens up to Berta telling her that she’s the closest thing she has to a family. He takes her outside and gives her a brand new Camaro for her birthday, and she is thrilled.

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