‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Will Damian McGinty, Vanessa Lengies reunite?

Damian McGintyAt this point, you have probably heard the exciting “Glee” season 4 news that Damian McGinty will be back for the show’s upcoming Christmas episode “Glee, Actually,” and while we do not know what the fate of Rory Flanagan will be after that, there is one thing that we can say with some certainty: the character will not be spending any time with his former crush Sugar Motta during the holiday season.

Speaking to E! News, Vanessa Lengies says that she is not going to be appearing in the Christmas episode at all, which sadly does mean that there won’t be any conclusion here to a story that began last season. It actually felt at the time like Rory was lying about his visa getting turned down in order to convince Sugar to spend more time with him; however, that turned out to not exactly be the case.

The only other surprising news here is how “Glee” can pretty much throw in every single guest star known to man for “Glee, Actually” (including McGinty and even Jessalyn Gilsig’s Terri Schuester), but not find a way to include Sugar in at least some sort of background role. Then again, her once-promising part has been one of the most criminally underutilized roles on the show. The fact that she cannot really sing has been all but ignored over the past year or so, as is the fact that she comes from a rich family and that could help New Directions go a long way.

Even if you are upset about the absence of Sugar this Christmas, do you at least wish that they would show more of Sugar with Artie? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to see what Chris Colfer has to say about this holiday special, you can do so over at the link here.

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