Power Book II: Ghost episode 4 sneak peek: How worried is Tasha?

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As we move into Power Book II: Ghost episode 4 on Starz this weekend, know that Tariq is in danger. Grave danger. He’s deciding to get in with the Tejada family business, but there are some grave consequences that go along with that.

If you remember to the end of episode 3, Tasha got an indication from Lorenzo Tejada of how much trouble her son could be in — if he goes rogue or acts suspicious in any way, there’s a good chance that this character could be put down. It at least gives the show some greater stakes beyond whether or not Tariq is going to flunk out of school.

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Because of the new situation that is facing him, Tasha hands down Tariq some rather specific advice in the sneak peek below — he needs to get a gun, and fast. It’s going to get incredibly dangerous for him now, and he has to find a way to defend himself. We know already that Tariq’s gotten into this mess because he is desperate to find a way to get his mother out of prison. That is, after all, his primary motivation! It’s a noble act for him to take, but odds are that this is going to be a little bit more difficult of a thing for him to take on and deal with than he realizes. He has to be prepared for some significant bumps in the road in terms of the trial and what the family puts him through.

No matter what happens this weekend, though, it’s fair to say that we are perhaps more excited for Power Book II: Ghost to continue its story than ever before. Be prepared for awesome stuff from start to finish now.

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