‘Modern Family’ season 4 review: Jay and Phil duke it out in the ring

Modern Family

On tonight’s episode of “Modern Family” season 4, Haley is doing her community service for a few misdemeanors she committed, including underage drinking. While doing her community service Alex decides to snap an embarrassing photo of her to pay her back for pictures she took of her and posted on Facebook the year before. Even though Alex gets like ten great pictures, she decides to move in closer to get a few more and her camera falls down a grate.  As she tries to fish it out and becomes muddier and dirtier, Haley is finding gold bracelets and meeting cute guys during her community service. In the end Haley snaps a photo of Alex looking like a mess and posts yet another awful photo of her on Facebook.

Cameron is upset because they are cutting down one of him and Mitchell’s favorite trees “treeona”. He calls Mitchell down to the park and he finds Cameron perched up in the tree after he’s read on the internet that if he’s in the tree they can’t cut down the tree. Cameron gets a call from the theater company and he needs to leave, so he asks Mitchell to take his place sitting in the tree and he does.  Together Cameron and Mitchell end up saving the tree and Cameron gets his photo in the paper.

Manny is going to his friends ‘Olympics’ themed party even though he’s unhappy about it. At the party Phil invites Jay to stay at the party and he does, even though he’s also unhappy about it. As the party goes on Jay begins telling embarrassing stories about Phil to the other fathers including a story about a broken boom box Phil promised to replace in the past but never did.  They decide to settle it in the ring and if Phil wins Jay will replace his boom box. Once in the ring Phil ends up beating the hell out of Jay, releasing years of built up tension.

Jay arranges for Claire takes Gloria out shopping because she has “baby brain” and is forgetting everything. At the store Claire puts on a sweatshirt from the store and accidentally walks out with it on. The police catch her and bring her back into the store for questioning. While in the manager’s office, Claire is getting in trouble for the sweater, but Gloria fakes her water breaking and pretends to go into labor, getting Claire off the hook.

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