Big Brother 22 All-Stars live feed spoilers: Da’Vonne, Kevin’s plan

Da'VonneWe’re moving ever closer to the Big Brother 22 All-Stars Veto Ceremony tomorrow, and we know already that there are things in the works.

Is it going to work? Probably not, but it’s a plan nonetheless. Basically, Da’Vonne and Kevin are going to try and convince Tyler and Memphis that they found out about a split vote plan from David — not only that, but that they know that David is working with him. They’re going to paint this big, elaborate picture that David has been playing both sides the whole time to pit the sides against each other, almost like he is being some sort of double agent.

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Is this plan going to work? Almost certainly not, and for a multitude of different reasons. One of the biggest issues here is that the idea of David and Memphis working together is just something that is almost impossible to fathom.

What makes the entire situation so frustrating tonight is that Da’Vonne and David tonight tried to talk things out again, and it’s still clear that she doesn’t trust him at all. Has he made some mistakes in the game to lose some trust with her? Absolutely, but where Da’Vonne is wrong is assuming that these scars have to stay there they entire game. Big Brother is fluid, and people have to figure out when they need each other. For whatever reason, that’s not happening within the house with these two … even if David is kind of trying right now.

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