The Boys season 2 episode 6: What’s next for Homelander, Stormfront?

The BoysAt the end of this past episode of The Boys season 2, we saw a moment that is going to leave a lot of jaws dangling on the floor. Stormfront and Homelander hooked up, and through that we’re probably going to see this relationship develop moving forward. It could venture in all sorts of crazy directions — both of them are terrible, but in slightly different ways and with different motivations.

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So what makes this relationship appealing for the two of them, and how could it progress from here? This is some of what Antony Starr had to say on the subject to TVLine:

[It] goes back to that neediness of this character. She did a few things in Episode 5 that really rang home for him. It pushes all the right buttons. He’s a narcissistic sociopath, so she really says all the right things. And as they discuss, she’s a little more robust than her human counterparts. She doesn’t break. So that’s great for him, because he needs someone that can be a bit more of an equal than Stillwell. She’s more of a match. At that point, it all kind of looks rosy for those two.

As we move forward in the season, we do think that the relationship between these two is going to be rocky. When you have two personalities that are THIS big, you have to anticipate that there is going to be a lot of chaos at almost every step. They’re playing each other and manipulating, even if there are some potential needs being met here, as well.

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What do you want to see for Homelander and Stormfront moving forward on The Boys?

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