‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 preview: New photos of mid-season finale

The Walking Dead, AndreaWith the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” season 3 quickly approaching it’s hard to wait until Sunday to find out what happens when Rick meets the Governor, who will win the ultimate battle between them and if Rick will be able to help get Maggie and Glenn back after their brutal interrogation at Woodbury.

When we last saw Rick’s rescue group, they were just outside of Woodbury’s walls looking for a way in, and inside the town the Governor had just forced Maggie to give up the location of the prison, but with Rick and his crew ready to descend into Woodbury to get Maggie and Glenn back by any means necessary, the Governor may be delayed when it comes to paying a visit to the prison to see who all is there.

The Walking Dead, RickIt is pretty clear who is on what side of the coin when it comes to the Governor and Rick, but the one wild card in the whole situation is Andrea. Even though she hasn’t been at Woodbury long or even known the Governor all that long, she has entered into a romantic relationship with him which might sway her to fight for the folks of Woodbury instead of hooking back up with Rick’s crew. And what about Daryl? He will likely discover his brother Merle is still alive during this battle, but our feeling is that Merle’s baby brother won’t be interested in joining forces with him at this point and will probably continue to fight with Rick.

Check out the new photos below and tell us what you think is going to go down during Sunday’s mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” season 3. If you are still looking for more “Walking Dead” news, be sure to take a look at our ratings article and see how it’s fairing against other shows in it’s time-slot.

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Photo: AMC (Source – Spoiler TV)


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