‘Girl Meets World’: Danielle Fishel promises faithful, ‘intelligent’ return of series

Even though we still do not even know just yet whether or not the upcoming “Girls Meets World” pilot is even going to be picked up to series, it’s more or less a foregone conclusion that the show will be picked up by the Disney Channel. After all, the network would be insane not to (unless the pilot is just downright terrible) considering the incredible amount of hype that is out there about it already.

One thing that is interesting about the passion that is still out there for the adventures of Cory and Topanga is that the actors are already having to defend some of the concerns of the “Boy Meets World” faithful, especially those concerned that the new show (which revolves around Riley, the daughter of the aforementioned couple) is either going to dumb down the original or change it from what it once was. This led to Danielle Fishel posting a rather lengthy message on Tumblr, where she promised that this show will be made and also  that it will stay true to the original’s message:

I say this because making the decision to do the show involved more conversations than you can possible imagine.  These conversations were with the same people I mentioned above because they were all instrumental in creating and maintaining the heart of ‘BMW.’  The first comment out of every person’s mouth was, ‘Let’s only do it if we think we can create something as special as we did with BMW.’  When the news leaked that GMW was in the making, literally days after I first heard about the project myself, Michael Jacobs and I had a conversation and we talked about how we were both so blown away by the reactions from all of you.  We felt honored. We felt nostalgic. We felt touched by the excitement in your comments, tweets, Tumblr, and Facebook posts.  But most of all, we felt inspired.  We felt inspired to bring these characters back to life and to tell you more of their stories.”

Fishel also asked fans to be patient, reminding them that it took “Boy Meets World” a little while to find its voice, and it had a chance to do without any sort of high expectations placed upon it.

Do you think that the “Girl Meets World” show has a chance to be success, or are you worried that bringing back a show that was so iconic to the 1990s will be a mistake?

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