‘Glee’ season 4 notes: Melissa Benoist, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera

Even though it may not be the same sort of rivalry yet that we had with Rachel and Quinn, Marley and Kitty on “Glee” season 4 are quickly starting to get themselves in a similar sort of territory courtesy of the past few episodes. Kitty is evil and really has no positive intentions at all for her friendship with Marley; however, she also has no intention of telling her this anytime soon. While Queen had at least a few redeemable qualities, what is a bit more interesting with Becca Tobin’s character is that it really does not appear as though there are really many there. She is nasty in every sense of the word, vindictive, and out for blood even still following Jake’s decision to break up with her in order to pursue someone else.

Since Kitty is still interested in keeping up her little act for at least the immediate future, we are going to be seeing the two have quite a story moving forward to Thursday night’s Thanksgiving episode and beyond.

In other news… have you heard the latest performance featuring Dianna Agron, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera? The song is entitled “Come See About Me,” and it really should be the sort of thing to make fans of the characters jump up and down in celebration. It’s not much of a shift from the original version performed by the Supremes, but this is one of those occasions where they really did not have to do much to the original song. It was really perfect the way it was first performed, and thus it is perfect here. We’re also not sure that Agron’s Quinn has ever sounded better … and this song is also proof that Brittany and Santana are still on decent terms.

Do you want to see more of Kitty and Marley duking it out Thursday, or are you more interested in seeing the Unholy Trinity back together?

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