‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: The latest on season 9 debate

Is a “How I Met Your Mother” season 9 a certainty just yet? Far from it, but considering that there are so many questions still in need of an answer (including who is the mother and how Barney and Robin get married), it does look as though there is enough content to keep the show going a little while longer.

So what are some of the show’s actors saying at the moment? For now, let’s turn to some various sources who have spoken with many of them lately, and it does at least sound like the interest is there on their part so long as some of the financial details are worked out.

Josh Radnor (to E! News) – “I think if every party can work something out, including the writers, we might do another season or we might be done this season. Either way, it feels like we’ll have had a really nice run on television.”

Alyson Hannigan (also to E! News) – “This is the greatest job I’ve ever had. I’d like it to work out.”

Neil Patrick Harris (to Entertainment Weekly) – “I’m dying to know that answer myself. I personally am very hopeful that we get to do another season. Everyone, creatively, feels like a season 9 would be appropriate as the sort of farewell season. I know that [showrunners] Carter [Bays] and Craig [Thomas] have a plan of attack. No one wants it to go to 10, 11, 12 seasons and just outstay our welcome, but I know that their season 9 plan is strong. So it’s really in the financiers hands, to see if they can make it work for everybody. Because our contract ended at [season] 8. We’ll see. I’m hopeful. It’s a great gig, I’d love to keep doing it.”

Ultimately, we do feel at the moment as though the odds of a season 9 are pretty high, especially when you consider the fact that the ratings are still solid, and with “Tow and a Half Men” seemingly ended this season (especially with an angry Angus T. Jones), the show would not want to kill off too many properties at once.

What do you think: should a season 9 for “How I Met Your Mother” be in the cards?

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