Yellowstone season 3 finale theories: Who is behind the attacks?

Yellowstone season 3The Yellowstone season 3 finale has come and gone, and odds are, your jaw is currently on the floor. How could it not be? This was one of the craziest endings that we’ve seen on this show, and we’re now left until next summer, more than likely, to learn more about what truly happened.

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Are John, Kayce, and Beth Dutton really dead? That is a question that inevitably is going to be out there in the universe as of right now, but there is something more beyond that. Think in terms of who is responsible for the attacks on them in the first place. There are a few different people you can look at, and they are the sort we’re certainly suspicious of for the time being.

Jamie – Is it too obvious that he did it? Maybe, but we have to imagine that he told Rip not to call him anymore for a reason. He’s out to preserve his own interests now, but that may not involve trying to kill his family. It feels too obvious.

Roarke – We know he’s capable of hiring a lot of people to go out into the field and initiate an attack. However, there’s a difference between being capable of such an act and going through with it. We don’t know how doing this would actually help Josh Holloway’s character, since he would still have Thomas Rainwater and Angela to deal with.

Jamie’s biological father – Did he hire some people to make a move against Jamie’s adoptive family? He could see this as a way to get his son closer to him, and for him to get some additional money and resources for himself.

Angela – She does eventually want the ranch land back for her own people — in between this and the lawsuit, maybe she sees this as a way to get everything that she wants.

Other candidates – Could it be a familiar face from the past? We never saw Malcolm Beck’s body, and it’s also possible that the bikers from earlier this season came back for revenge.

Who do you think is behind the attacks on the Yellowstone season 3 finale?

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