Yellowstone season 3 episode 9: Did Walker actually survive?

Yellowstone season 3 episode 9 did a good job of continuing a lot of big stories, though we personally have no idea how in the world they are going to resolve all of the current stories.

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At least one of them seems resolved for the time being — Walker gets to survive, for now. Yet, he’s roped back in to the Yellowstone crew in a way in which he wasn’t before. After having to rip off Wade’s branding, he is now complicit in some of their acts. There’s now a greater incentive for him to stay silent about some of the things that have happened there.

We’ll admit that entering the episode, we really thought that there was going to be some sort of enormous feud that transpired with Kayce and Rip at the center of it. That didn’t quite end up happening. Instead, they were able to get on the same page to get vengeance on the opponents who really mattered — one of their own in Wade, but then also all others who caused pain to Teeter and Colby on this most-recent episode. It does seem as though they are going to be okay following the attack; not only that, but everything that transpired inspired Teeter to get the branding that so many others in the bunkhouse have. They are all in this together.

Of course, we just hope that there is going to continue to be a chance for them to be in this together! With Beth getting fired and with it seeming as though John is running out of options, there may be no way for the ranch to have a future at all.

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