Stargirl finale: Who is Eclipso, Shade? Season 2 hopes

Stargirl - shiv

On today’s Stargirl finale on DC Universe, we had a little bit of everything emotionally. The good news is that Courtney and her family are still alive. The bad news? Well, there are some big villains that are still out there, including potentially some new faces.

The biggest one that we’re left to think about at the moment is Eclipso, who Cindy found trapped within a diamond in the closing minutes of the episode. This is more than likely a reference to who the Eclipso spirit within the comments. The character was encased in something called the Heart of Darkness, and has the ability to possess and control others. There could be a scenario here where Eclipso does end up gaining control of Cindy — given the power that she already has as Shiv, this could be a dangerous combination that sets her up to be more horrible than ever in season 2.

Or, it’s certainly possible that Cindy is able to use the stone in order to have someone else possessed — and with that, have a new ally of her own. Either way, there’s a lot for the writers to work with here.

Meanwhile, the Stargirl finale also teased another potential Big Bad in Shade, a character who has been briefly been a part of the series’ lore already. There are connections already to both the JSA and the ISA, and his mysterious nature overall does make him a rather significant force to be reckoned with in this world.

Hopefully, we are going to get some more answers on all of this before Stargirl season 2 premieres — we’ll be waiting a while until 2021, but at least the series ended on a heck of a high note.

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