‘Glee’ music preview: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and the strangest song ever

Lea MicheleWe have been surprised to see a number of songs covered on “Glee” over the years, but we are feeling that their mash-up of the Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have a Kiki” and “Turkey Lurkey Time” may be one of their biggest surprises yet. As a matter of fact, this has to be in the argument for the strangest songs ever performed by any of the characters on this show.

It’s hard to even describe what this performance even is: it starts with some bizarre spoken-word lines read by Sarah Jessica Parker’s Isabelle, and then transitions into Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) trying to explain what a “kiki” is while saying that they really, really want to have one. This song has a major futuristic vibe to it, and then out of nowhere we have a song in “Turkey Lurkey Time” that is coming to us courtesy of the 1968 musical “Promises, Promises.” Somehow, the song actually sounds even more dated than that.

The strangest part about this performance altogether is that for whatever reason, it is actually rather addictive. Rachel and Kurt’s voices flow well together, and it captures the sort of trippy, strange Thanksgiving holiday that these two performing arts lovers would have while in their converted Flatbush apartment in New York City. Then again, this is not the sort of thing that we could ever purchase on iTunes; we have a feeling that we would literally start to lose our mind (or begin impulsively dancing around the room) if we were to check it out more than that.

What do you think about this song: is it delightfully trippy to you, or do you think that it actually may be a little too crazy for its own good? Be sure to share your thoughts, and you can also check out some more “Glee” music from Thursday night’s episode here.

Photo: Fox

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