‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 9 review: The expiration date

HomelandLast week on “Homeland” season 2, we saw the beginnings of Brody’s new downward spiral (which is amazing that he really can spiral any further) courtesy of him being taken in by Roya and forced to meet Abu Nazir. So did Brody find an escape this time around? Not only exactly; as a matter of fact, his world is in far worse shape than even he realizes.

At the moment, this situation for Damian Lewis’ character is beyond grim. Courtesy of the actions of the CIA in taking down Roya and stopping a terrorist attack on American soldiers, it’s now out in the open just who he is working with. This was obviously a test by the terrorist leader to prove loyalty, and it is one Brody failed. As for his family, this means that they could have to spend even longer in hiding; though considering that Jess stripped down and got into bed with Mike this week, we have a feeling that she may not be that upset about this at all. (As for Dana, that’s a different story.)

From a critical standpoint, the family story was easily the episode’s low point as it seemed unbelievable that she would expose herself so easily to sleeping with another man while under the watch of not just her family, but the CIA … even if Mike takes care of her far better than Brody has since returning from his capture. We also wonder how long they can stay in hiding as well as in the dark.

On the other hand, the story pertaining to Carrie, the CIA, and Quinn was far more fascinating and proved yet again Mandy Patankin’s greatness. It has been easy for the past few weeks to draw the assumption that this man could be working as a double agent for Nazir given how little Saul knew about him going into the operation; however, it is an incredible twist now that we know there is so much more in play, and that Quinn has a side operation going on with the government. Brody’s life is on the line, and in the event that he does help the agency capture Nazir, a bullet is going to be put into his brain. Quinn is obviously working with Estes in secret for what he thinks is the good of the country, even if this is not surely for the good of Brody or of course Carrie, who is being kept in the dark for a very good reason.

The occasional small issue aside (such as why Quinn is so indifferent to Saul sniffing around about him), “Homeland” just continues to get better and better this season. There were so many strong moments within this hour, and the writers are yet again proving their fearlessness in continuing to put their characters through the wringer. For what is the second time this season (with Brody’s capture being the first), life will never be the same for many of these characters, and the stakes are now higher than ever.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to go back and re-watch some clips from this hour, you can do so over at the link here.

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