Blue Bloods season 11: Five memorable faces who should return

Blue Bloods season 11

One of the things that makes Blue Bloods such a memorable show is that it has an incredibly-deep bench of performers. There are people who you get to see all the time, and then some others we wish we got to see more of.

So, for the sake of this article, we’ve come up with a list of five memorable names we want to see back! These are people who have communicated with a lot of characters over the years, and we think there is definitely room for so much more.

(Former) Mayor Carter Poole – This one feels unlikely, but David Ramsey is done with Arrow now and he brought such a command to this role. It would be interesting to see him come back now and have some communication with Frank about what he’s been up to since his time in the Mayor’s Office.

Darnell Potter – Ato Essandoh is a fantastic actor, and his role as a community leader/preacher brought him a lot of great material. We’ve seen some significant moments play out with him and Tom Selleck in the past, and there are stories that could be told in this current climate about the relationship between the NYPD and the Black community. Potter has served as a leader and activist before, and we haven’t seen him on the show in a while.

Kelly Peterson – Bebe Neuwirth hasn’t been on the show in a little while, but no doubt she had a fascinating relationship with Frank. Her presence moving forward could bring some of that dynamic back, but also present some more complicated situations for Frank and much of the NYPD to deal with.

Luis Delgado – Lou Diamond Phillips is fantastic, and this character is a great foil for Danny. Why wouldn’t we want to get this character back on the show? There’s an intensity about Delgado, but also a fascinating humanity that can still be explored in many different ways.

Armin Janko – Eddie’s father has long had a contentious relationship with her, stemming in part from his time behind bars and taking money away from countless hard-working people. Yet, William Sadler is fantastic and with Eddie continuing to move forward in her life, it could be a worthy time to bring her back.

Who do you want to see back on Blue Bloods for season 11?

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