‘The Amazing Race 21’ preview: Chippendales in Amsterdam (video)

The producers of “The Amazing Race 21” must love Chippendales Jaymes & James, at least based on how many teams we are seeing them highlighted in official sneak peeks. Then again, this does makes since given that they are funny, dynamic, and seem be pretty good guys to go along with it. They also just so happen to be coming off of their first victory of the entire race.

On Sunday night’s new episode, the remaining teams are going to be paying a visit to Amsterdam, where they will be engaging in some crazy shenanigans (though not possibly the ones that you would automatically assume with the city). So what does that mean for these two guys? Well, let’s just say that they take advantage of the opportunity to bust out their famous collars and bow-ties for a challenge selling product when they realize that they need to do something to drum up sales. This is ultimately a very smart move for them: if you have a talent and a potentially-recognizable brand, why not play it up? We saw Flight Time & Big Easy do this throughout their time on the race, and it’s not any different than someone flirting with a local in that you have to do whatever you can to get ahead.

As much fun as we have with these guys here, there is still one question that they will have to face later: do they U-Turn a team that is a major threat in the competition? If we were in their shoes, we would do everything in their power to try and take down a team like Abbie & Ryan who you know is competitive, and you know will do anything to win given that they have a chance at $2 million at the end of this. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer to get rid of them and keep someone like Josh & Brent (who have been on thin ice for weeks now) around a while longer?

Who is your favorite team left on the race?

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