Is PAW Patrol canceled? Not so fast; kids’ franchise lives on

Paw PatrolWe feel like just about every parent out there with young kids knows a thing or two about PAW PatrolThe popular Nickelodeon kids’ show has spawned all sorts of merchandise, a video game, and of course countless toys. It’s also not going anywhere in the near future.

Today, thanks to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s latest comments during a briefing, the rumor has started (again) that PAW Patrol is done. It’s not happening. This is a false rumor that first started up last month, due in part to controversy surrounding Chase, the police dog character featured on the show. Some publications (jokingly) chose to correlate the calls for the cancellation of a specific character with the show itself coming to an end. PAW Patrol itself has stayed very-much quiet amidst all of the hoopla.

Mostly, the “PAW Patrol is canceled” conversation now exists mostly to further a political agenda about the impact of cancel culture. In this case, it’s beyond just hyperbole — it’s not true. There is a PAW Patrol movie planned in the future (think summer 2021), and the only way we see this show ending anytime soon is if either when the current audience ages out or future generations just aren’t into it. This is a kids’ show — it’s not really out to get constant publicity over subject matters that are a little bit divisive. The show’s official Twitter account hasn’t even posted anything in more than a month, a sign that they are trying to steer clear of wading too far into current events.

Think about it for a moment, though — this is a show about cartoon dogs doing human-like things. Everyone loves dogs. This is one of the easiest shows out there for anyone to market. It feels almost impossible to imagine this show ever going off the radar … unless, of course, people are just over making it.

If you want to see PAW Patrol come to an end, you’re just going to have to change the channel or try to pretend that it isn’t happening. The reality is that it very much still is. (Photo: Nickelodeon.)

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