‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Another memorable Christmas

If you ask any longtime fan of “The Big Bang Theory” what one of their favorite moments is from the show over the years, the odds are pretty high that it will trace back to one scene from a certain season 2 Christmas episode: Sheldon being handed a napkin containing the DNA of one Leonard Nimoy. Never before have seen seen Jim Parsons’ character so excited, and we have a feeling that we will never see him feel this way again.

However, there is still a promise of some pretty crazy scenes coming up soon for the character. According to a new report from TV Guide, an upcoming season 6 episode of the CBS sitcom, one once again themed around the holidays, is going to basically feature what happens when Sheldon gets a hold of a little too much eggnog for his own good. A dunk Sheldon is always a funny Sheldon, just as a drunk Raj exponentially increases his odds of actually getting some action by about a thousand percent.

So why is it that Christmas episodes of this show are so strong in particular? It’s hard to completely pinpoint, but it may just be because we are traditionally used to seeing characters here who act selfishly rather than for the good of other people; and due to this, the holidays give them an opportunity to actually show that they care. Let’s just hope that Sheldon somehow does not take his “act of kindness” (or act of drinking too much) a little bit too far, and he doesn’t do anything that he will regret once his super-powerful mind starts firing on all cylinders again.

Why do you think “Big Bang Theory” Christmas specials are always head and shoulders above the rest?

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