Outlander: Sam Heughan does accents, talks Men in Kilts in hilarious video

Men in Kilts season 1

Just in case you absolutely need something fun to watch today, we have quite the Sam Heughan treat for you within.

The video HERE (posted by Comedy Central) features the Outlander star alongside Josh Horowitz talking about a lot of random things — and it’s legitimately hilarious. A part of it comes from Josh trying to get Sam to say the most unappealing things ever to see if they are still sexy; another part of it comes from Sam discussing how being James Bond is probably less exciting than actually playing him. You also have a fun Caitriona Balfe-related drinking game, a game all about kilts, and also a little bit of discussion about Sam’s upcoming Men in Kilts series. It’s really fun.

In general, we think that this video is perhaps the best case we’ve seen so far for Sam to someday host Saturday Night Live — of course, when we eventually get to the point that the sketch show can do episodes like they did previously. He’s super-game in here to make fun at himself and also public perception of him. He’s also quick on his feet and ready to roll with the punches. This is another reminder why longer-form interviews are so much better than three or four-minute clips on a daytime talk show, where everyone has to be so proper and you are appealing to a mass market who may not know much about you.

Sam, like so many others, is doing his part to stay safe — and we hope that he’ll have a chance to be back on the set of Outlander later this year. Everything remains fairly touch-and-go with that at the moment, as a return to set will be dictated mostly by regulations, procedures, and also in some ways patience. We’re sure the cast and crew miss each other very much, but the last thing anyone should want in this crisis is to hurry something along.

Is this one of your favorite Sam Heughan interviews you’ve seen in a while?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Meanwhile, check back soon for some other news related to the series.

(Photo: Starz.)

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