Lucifer season 5 spoilers: The impact of the epic Michael twist

LuciferThere have been surprises aplenty about Lucifer season 5 already, but the biggest one at the moment has a lot to do with Michael. Learning that Lucifer Morningstar has an identical twin is a shocking, dramatic reveal, especially since this one is going to cause some havoc on Earth in the early going this time around.

This role has to be a gift for Tom Ellis, who gets to play two different characters over the course of an arc. For the rest of the cast, it was absolutely a shock to hear the news. Speaking about this in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, here is what Aimee Garcia (Ella) had to say about the subject:

“Jaw dropping! Silence! Could hear a pin drop, gasping … It’s one of those things where you always expect a big bad to come in from an outside source, a new guest star, but to have our headliner also be the big bad?! … It’s a big mind F… but it’s also true to the biblical story… It’s such a brilliant move that no one saw coming, including ourselves.”

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What makes the reveal tricky for Ella is two-fold. She doesn’t know about Lucifer’s celestial origins, meaning that she may be more vulnerable to be hurt by Michael than some others. Also, she’s going to be hurt in the first place by Lucifer’s absence … and Michael could get the brunt of some of that. Garcia added the following on that subject:

“She is so upset that she may or may not be taking off her shoe and hitting him over and over again in his chest. I cannot confirm nor deny, but poor Tom did take a beating … Tom’s like, ‘OK, I don’t think the camera’s on me. Maybe we don’t have to,’ because I really went for it. So Ella’s very upset. Ella feels really betrayed.”

Why would she be so upset? It’s pretty simple — as far as she knows, Lucifer just left town at the end of season 4. They had a tight relationship and she’s really hurt by the idea that he would just abandon her. There is a part of us that wants Ella to know more of the story so alleviate some of this pain, but we’ll also be the first to admit that we love someone being somewhat of the outside of this secret.

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