NCIS season 18: How to explore the past of Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

Mark HarmonWe know that one of the big themes for NCIS these days is exploring the mind of one Jethro Gibbs, and we’ve seen that play out already in different ways. He’s started to recognize that there is some flexibility within some of his famous rules. Not only that, but he’s also coming to greater terms with the idea that he can change and it’s okay to share parts of himself with others. He did that with McGee at the end of the finale.

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For the sake of this article, though, we want to talk more about the past. We’ve seen NCIS focus on Gibbs’ history here and there over the course of its run. We know about his past marriages and relationships, just as we also are very-much familiar with what happened when he was in the military. Yet, there are still some various avenues that could be explored.

Take, for example, the early days of some of the people at NCIS. We’re seeing it with Gibbs and Ducky in the 400th episode, but what about other characters? There are certainly some other backstories that could be explored here, or even just relationships like Gibbs and Fornell’s that could be touched on further. Yet, there are some issues that come with some of this, with a principal one being that you still want to use Mark Harmon to play Gibbs. There’s only so much that you can bring him back in time without sidelining your lead.

We’re fine with flashbacks if it does serve as a great way to better inform the present. Or, we’re interested in it as a means to introduce a character that you’re going to use moving forward. Rather than just using flashbacks, our preference would be for the writers to tell Gibbs stories in the present, but with maybe characters/elements from his past. Allow Harmon as Gibbs to tell us about some of it and have him rely on some other team members to get to the end result. That way, you really get the best of both worlds.

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