Blue Bloods season 11: Who could have a new love interest?

Blue Bloods season 11

We know that Blue Bloods is not a show exclusively about romance, but isn’t there still some room for it? We’ve already had one epic love story with Jamie and Eddie play out, so isn’t there room for another?

Given that Will Estes and Vanessa Ray’s characters have each been together for a good while now, it does feel like we’ve arrived at the perfect time to talk about the romantic future of a number of different characters across the board. Below, you can see us explore a number of different possibilities; we’ll see what happens when the show eventually premieres! (Alas, there is still not an official timetable on that.)

Danny Reagan – This is the most likely and obvious choice. How in the world could it not be? We’ve seen the show dance around this idea with Donnie Wahlberg’s character before and eventually, it makes sense for them to go for it. It’s just about timing and finding the perfect story, and it makes sense for the writers to be patient. You don’t want to diminish Linda’s memory, and you want the new story to feel fantastic.

Erin Reagan – We know that there’s always a chance something more happens with Jack, but is it possible that she finds someone else, as well? We think in due time, it could be interesting. She’s given so much of her life over the years to the job and working to raise Nicky; it makes sense that she has a little bit of something more for herself now.

Frank Reagan – We’re going to be for this, even if it doesn’t seem like anything is in the cards right now. Tom Selleck’s character may think on some level that there’s no changing who he is right now, but we’d love for there to be someone who comes on and routinely challenges him … while forming a connection along the way.

Henry Reagan – If not Frank, why not his father? It’s a great message that love can be found at just about any age.

Nicky or Sean – Having one of the younger Reagans in a relationship probably wouldn’t be something that lasts beyond an episode or two. They’re both still so young, and we don’t know what the value of a regular love interest would be beyond contributing to another story. We have seen that already with Nicky.

Do you think that someone could get a love interest on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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