NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4: Is this Dan Harmon’s response to Chevy Chase exit?

Dan Harmon is a smart, smart man. Why? In a new post on Twitter, he managed to convince “Community” fans all over the world that he is burning Chevy Chase following the actor’s exit from the show … without ever mentioning him or his situation by name one day after the news first broke.

In case you somehow forgot (which seems impossible given how widespread the headlines are), Harmon and Chase have quite the history together. The creator and showrunner was booted by Sony Pictures TV for a number of issues last spring, and it came after he and the actor had a public feud stemming from a voicemail message that Harmon played out loud during a live comedy show. While the real reason for Harmon’s exit seemed to be related to other issues behind the scenes, many in the media still liked to use Chase as the scapegoat.

Now, we turn to Harmon’s message, which is certainly a rather interesting thing to post at 5:30 a.m. Pacific time on Thanksgiving:

“Can’t sleep. Seems like the birds and children are singing extra loud this morning. (also I’m overdue on two outlines)”

There are multiple ways to read this quote. Could there be literal birds chirping and children singing? Sure, but we shouldn’t have to spell this out for you that Harmon is likely speaking metaphorically about his feelings following NBC, Sony Pictures TV, and Chase’s decision to have him no longer be a part of the show’s cast. There’s no word yet on what the trigger behind this move was, but he will be a part of the season 4 finale, as it was the last one that was filmed prior to his exit being made official. (There are still two more on the filming schedule to be done.)

Do you think that Harmon’s message is innocent, or is he really just having more fun with us, as he has been so keen to do over the past several years?

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