‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun talk Woodbury

When we last saw our heroes, Glenn and Maggie were being dragged off to Woodbury by Merle after Glenn refused to divulge the location of the prison where he could find his brother Daryl living with Rick and the rest of the original group.

In a recently released sneak peek we see a bloodied Glenn telling Merle that Rick and the gang will come looking for him and Maggie and that it will be a bad situation when that happens, but Merle remains cool and collected as he tells Glenn he isn’t worried since Rick will never find them. What makes this “torture” situation interesting as opposed to other characters on the show is that Glenn and Maggie have a lot to live for in this wasteland of zombies and disease, so getting one of them to talk in order to not lose the other one might be something that Merle and the Governor can use against them to break them down quickly.  In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Steven Yeun (Glenn) tells them that his time at Woodbury will definitely “test” him.  He said:

“When you have things to live for, those are the things that can be directly used against you to test you. The bond that Maggie and Glenn have becomes a weakness for them and they’re played against each other.  We’ve seen that the bond gives them reason to live but it’s also now going to challenge them and in some ways, make them weaker.”

Michonne has arrived at the prison to deliver the baby formula to Rick and will likely inform them of the fate of Maggie and Glenn will be facing at Woodbury. Lauren Cohan reveals that there will be a divide in Rick’s group as they discuss what they should do about the situation.  She said;

“You’re going to see a divide in what people think is the safest thing to do. It’s friction the whole time and nothing really ever gets settled until there’s death.”

Be sure to tune in on Sunday, November 25th at 9 p.m. on AMC for a new episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3 and catch up with Glenn and Maggie as they try to keep the location of the prison a secret from the people of Woodbury.

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