Blue Bloods season 11: Will we have big Danny, Baez stories?

Blue Bloods season 11

It goes without saying entering Blue Bloods season 11 that we’re going to have some big storylines for Danny Reagan. We do every year!

Yet, for the sake of this article, why not look at Danny and Baez together? Over the past several years, the two have solidified an excellent partnership and rapport with each other. They care about one another, they’re good at their job, and they offer something different as detectives to what you see elsewhere on the show. They deserve to tackle some great cases together, and we’re hoping that the writers find a way to emphasize the two of them together moving forward.

So what are some good ways in which to do that? We’ve got a few different suggestions below…

Genuine conflict – Remember that co-workers don’t always get along. Let’s say that an enormous rift surfaces between the two of them, something that is more serious than the two just arguing over a case. How do they get through it? It’s a chance to see personal compromise and growth for both of them, maybe where they end up even closer at the end.

A case that explores more of Baez’s past – We’ve seen that here and there already, but we’d love to see even more of it! In particular, we’d love to see more of Baez’s life outside of the force — since we’ve seen so much of Danny’s, why not understand further where she comes from? Why not bring Baez into focus a little bit more? Maybe the two end up investigating a case that involves one of her loved ones, or they do something outside of work as a favor.

Undercover work together – The more of this we get, the happier we’re going to be — though let’s say for now that we’re not looking for the prototypical “undercover as a couple” story we see on so many other shows. Though there may be some ‘shippers of Danny and Baez out there, we like some of the platonic relationships in this world, as well. Just give us something that shows off all different sides of their personalities.

Could Baez save Danny? – We like the idea of Donnie Wahlberg’s character being in danger and it’s up to Baez to get him out of the bind. She knows him so well, and it allows her to be the heroine of the story.

We know that Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez have gotten to do some great stuff together, and we hope that the trend can continue in season 11. Maybe it involves topical material, or maybe it’s just a chance to explore their relationship further. No matter what it is, Danny and Baez deserve a spotlight together. Here’s to hoping that it happens.

What do you want to see for Danny and Baez together on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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