This Is Us season 5 spoilers: How will show reflect the real world?

Randall PearsonWe know that there are plans for This Is Us season 5 to be airing at some point in the fall, and we’ve had all sorts of questions as to what to expect. For example, we know that there are specific reveals the show is building towards, and a number of threads are rather delicately planned out. How much flexibility is there to change things up? How much is this show going to reflect things that are going on in the real world?

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The answer to that question seems to be a little bit complicated. It does sound as though the writers could be planning to at least address some of the issues going on out there, whether it be the current health crisis. Yet, it also may not define everything that happens within the story. Here is some of what star Sterling K. Brown had to say on the subject to TVLine:

I’ve had conversations with Dan [Fogelman, executive producer] and the writers from our show, and I know that the world is necessarily going to impact the world of the Pearsons, right? He doesn’t want us to be too specific with regards to what we’ll be seeing in Season 5. Number 1, there’s thoughts that were percolating in the writers’ room with regards to how and if to address the pandemic, right? And then over the past month/five weeks, there’s been, you know, since Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and then George Floyd and others who went out before, right, there’s now like, “How do we address this, too?” And so they’re still — not knowing when we’ll be going back [into production] — wanting to reserve this space to say, “What else is there that’s going to be transpiring in our world that we also may want to incorporate into our show?”

So I know that everyone is paying attention, and that our intention is to reflect the world in which we live. I don’t think our show is, say, The Good Fight in the way that [that show] directly takes on the trouble that happened. It is in the world, but our universe is our own, as well. So, it gives us the freedom to say what things do we want to lean into and what things do we not want to.

There are going to be a lot of challenges that the writers will need to sort through over time when it comes to trying to incorporate all of this. Take, for example, the fact that they’ve already established a timeline where Randall and Kate are celebrating a birthday together. We’re not sure that happens in a timeline where people are thinking a lot about the health crisis. Wouldn’t you try to keep your distance? Also, would Rebecca really be traveling since she’d be vulnerable to the virus?

We do think that it’s a little more feasible for This Is Us to tackle racial inequality, as it is something that Randall could experience, or even see it from those in his neighborhood. He is someone who could work to bring about change, at least on a local level.

We’ll see if This Is Us is able to resume season 5 production over the months ahead.

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